1. Introduction

Get started and save a huge amount of time and resources by using the SAAS start kit built with Phoenix and LiveView. With the SAAS Starter Kit for Phoenix and LiveView, you can skip all of the grunt work and go right ahead to building your SAAS.

Included Features

Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView is the fastest way to build a performant realtime application. Howver, even if Phoenix LiveView is included it is not mandatory. You can still build your frontend, if any, with React, Vue or just plain HTML.

Tailwind and Alpine

Tailwind and Alpine is included in the SAAS Starter Kit but can be replaced with any other CSS or javascript framework. However, the included back office/admin is build with Tailwind and Admin and the recommendation is to keep it that way.


Authentication, registration, and password reset are included and is based on the popular Pow authentication system.

Stripe Integration

Setup product subscriptions and connect your stripe account to be able to easily collect payments from you customers.

Multi Tenancy

The application will have support for multiple accounts that in turn can have multiple users or team members. The included generator will ask if the resource to be generated will be scoped under accounts and modify the code accordingly

Announcements and Notifications

A built in system for sending notifications to all users, a single team or even a single user.

GraphQL with Absinthe

Get an GraphQL API out of the box when generating your app resources.

User Impersonation

Act as your customers to see what they see for fast debugging and support.

Email Templates

Email templates for the most common user and account actions are included.

Recurring jobs

Set up daily digest or check for product subscriptions that needs to be renewed.

Worth to know

The Starter Kit is primarily for new projects and is not designed to integrate into existing code bases. You can still use it as a reference and get value from the examples gallery, but this might involve a fair bit of copy/paste.