5. Admin pages

The SAAS Starter Kit comes with an admin or back office. There are already some pages setup from start.

  • Dashboard
  • Accounts
  • Users
  • Billing Products
  • Billing Plans
  • Billing Subscriptions
  • Billing Invoices
  • Admin Settings

Account scoped pages

Some pages/resources are scoped under accounts. For example, users belongs to an account and to be able to view users, you need to pick one of the accounts in the top menu first.

Generate a resource for the admin page

There is a built in mix task to generate a new admin resource. It behaves basically like the ordinary generator but it has a custom template.

mix saas.gen.admin Todos Todo todos name description:text

When running the command, you will be asked if the the resource should belong to an account. That means, it will have an account_id field to todos that cant be blank.

The resource you are generating could belong directly under an account.
This means that all queries will be tweaked so they are account scoped. You should
use this when you need account specific data.

Belong to an account? [Yn]

After the generator has run, you need to add some manual changes.

Add routes to the router

Add the live routes to your Admin :browser scope in lib/example_web/router.ex:

    scope "/admin", ExampleWeb.Admin, as: :admin do
      pipe_through :browser

      live "/todos", TodoLive.Index, :index
      live "/todos/new", TodoLive.Index, :new
      live "/todos/:id/edit", TodoLive.Index, :edit

      live "/todos/:id", TodoLive.Show, :show
      live "/todos/:id/show/edit", TodoLive.Show, :edit

Add relation in Schema File

If you decide that the new resource should belong to an account, add that in the schema file

# lib/example/todos/todo.ex
belongs_to :account, Example.Accounts.Account

Add menu in admin template

# lib/example_web/templates/admin/layout/root.html.heex

<%= link to: Routes.admin_todo_index_path(@conn, :index) do %>
  <svg ... ></svg>
<% end %>