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Stripe Subscriptions With LiveView

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In this paid tutorial I will show you how to setup Stripe subscriptions in your Phoenix application. This is perfect for you that are building or planning to build a SAAS application.

What the tutorial cover

I want to show you how to get started with implementing the Stripe subscriptions in a generic way that suits most SAAS applications. Even if you have special business rules you will get a good insight on get started and where to go next.
  • Datamodeling in your app for the core data types and their relations
  • Create a data driven pricing page in Phoenix LiveView
  • Create a checkout form in Phoenix LiveView that handles SCA and card failures
  • Recieve and process incoming webhooks and use Phoenix Pubsub to notify your LiveView
  • Synchronise products, prices between Stripe and your application

What is included

I provide a full application in a zipfile along with a PDF with a step by step approach on how to build the Stripe integration into your own app.

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