Andreas - Freelance

Want my help on a project?

I work as a part time freelance/contractor on Elixir Phoenix projects but also Ruby on Rails. I am open for both long time and short terms contracts and my base hourly rate is $90.

I have 3 years of professonell Elixir / Phoenix experience and 8 years of Ruby on Rails Experience.

Expert problem solver who will come in with a pragmatic approach and long experience in building web applications and bringing projects to goal. I am passionate about helping and mentoring others and are happy to bring my large experience to your project and team.

In my experience in building Ruby on Rails and Elixir Phoenix applications, I have gained build up a large understanding of working with relational databases like Postgresql and key value stores like Redis. I am also comfortable with adjacent technologies for building powerful but manageable systems like Sidekiq, RabbitMQ and Pusher.

The type of projects and apps I have worked on are:
- Automated quotation system cost calculation for car repairs
- Advanced CRM with tracking of customer actions and help sales staff react on leads
- Double sided market places with subscriptions, rankings and advanced product matching.
- Product subscriptions and payment options