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Published 02 Mar
Phoenix 1.7

Automatic convertion to verified routes

One of the nicest features in the new Phoenix 1.7 is the verified routes. Instead of the previous auto generated route-function, there is a p-sigil ..

Published 17 Feb

Run one off tasks in Phoenix

If you run a web application with users in production, you have surely had the need to run a task that changes the database for one or more users. T..

Published 25 Nov - 2022
Updated 29 Nov - 2022
Phoenix 1.7

Sortable lists with Phoenix LiveView and SortableJS

A very common user interface pattern on the web is to have sortable elements. In this tutorial I will go through how to accomplish sortable lists wi..

Published 24 Nov - 2022

Send Tailwind styled Emails with Phoenix and Swoosh

This tutorial came up as a way to style an email sendout with Tailwind classes.The reason I want to do this is that styling emails is a pain and I u..

Published 26 Sep - 2022

Tailwind Navbar New LiveView 0.18 components

With the latest Phoenix LiveView 0.18 release it has finally become time to revisit components. In the previous version, the components was a little..

Published 03 Sep - 2022
Updated 27 Sep - 2022

Implement HTML redirects with phoenix plug

In this tutorial, I will go through how you can add html redirects to your Phoenix application. The goal is to have a CRUD interface in my admin whe..

Published 06 May - 2022

Teams Feature with Phx.Gen.Auth

A very common feature in web applications, especially SAAS applications are the concept of teams where a user can have and belong to multiple teams...

Published 02 May - 2022

LiveView and page specific javascript

In most applications you have some page specific javascript that is only used in one or just a few pages. The solution for this is to either setup..

Published 12 Feb - 2022

CSV Export with Phoenix and LiveView

A common need in web apps is to export data to different file formats. One common, or even maybe the most common format, is exporting CSV files. CSV..

Published 02 Feb - 2022

How to add a Coinbase crypto checkout to your Phoenix site

In a previous tutorial, I showed how to add Stripe checkout in a Phoenix application. If you however want to accept Bitcoin, Etherium or any other c..