SAAS Starter Kit

Get started and save a huge amount of time and resources by using the SAAS start kit
built with Phoenix and LiveView.

I will only use your email for telling you when this product
is near completion and it will never leave my servers.

Included Features

Batteries included! I have included everything the get you going and made the decisions so you dont have to. The feature that will be included are the following:

Phoenix LiveView

Combine server-rendered HTML with rich, real-time user interface without the hassle of a frontend javascript framework.

Tailwind and Alpine

The new standard in building rapid user interfaces and custom design.


Authentication, registration, and password reset are ready out of the box

Product Subscriptions

Offer monthly and yearly plans using Stripe.

Stripe Integration

Connect your stripe account to be able to easily collect payments from you customers.

Multi Tenancy

The application will have support for multiple accounts that in turn can have multiple users or team members.

Announcements and Notifications

A buit in system for sending notifications to all users, a single team or even a single user.

GraphQL with Absinthe

Get an GraphQL API out of the box when generating your app resources.

User Impersonation

Act as your customers to see what they see for fast debugging and support.

Email Templates

Email templates for the most common user and account actions are included.

Recurring jobs

Set up daily digest or check for product subscriptions that needs to be renewed.