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Phoenix Boilerplates

The Phoenix Boilerplates have been a huge success with over thousand Phoenix applications generates so far. Get a quickstart with generating a Boilerplate with all the features you need. Generate a Phoenix Boilerplate and save hours on your next project.


Speed up development significantly by using the Boilerplate generator to get started.

Phoenix Boilerplates

Get a quickstart with generating a Boilerplate. Generate a Phoenix Boilerplate and save hours on your next project.

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Premium Boilerplates

Get even further ahead by generating premium boilerplates with advanced features like Stripe checkout, full text search and deployemnt options.

App Blueprints

Build a database schema with a drag and drop interface and get the Phoenix commands for generating the schema as well with the suggested code changes for setting up the relationships properly.

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LiveView Features

Live Featuers are Phoenix LiveView components that you can use in your own project. Every feature comes an interactive demo and a description on how to use them. Pick and choose the features you need for your own project.

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Phoenix Tutorials

Learn and find inspiration on building Phoenix Apps with the tutorials. The tutorials cover a wide variety of features from database modeling to file uploads.