Accelerate Your
Phoenix Development

Build real world web applications with Phoenix Framework in a fraction of the time you are used to.

Step 1. Boilerplate

Start a new Phoenix app by using the Boilerplate generator.

Step 2. Features

Copy, paste and customize LiveView components into your own app.

Step 3. Tutorials

Learn even more by following the tutorials and courses.

Phoenix Boilerplates

Get a quickstart with generating a Boilerplate. Generate a Phoenix Boilerplate and save hours on your next project

LiveView Features

Live Featuers are Phoenix LiveView components that you can use in your own project. Every feature comes an interactive demo and a description on how to use them. Pick and choose the features you need for your own project.

Learn more and see all features

Phoenix Tutorials

Learn and find inspiration on building Phoenix Apps with the tutorials. The tutorials cover a wide variety of features from database modeling to file uploads.

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