Listing Quick Tips

Published 07 Dec - 2021

Use caching to speed up data loading in Phoenix LiveView

In this post, I want to show you how to leverage cache in Phoenix LiveView to avoid hitting the database twice when mounting a LiveView page. The re..

Published 26 Nov - 2021

Make an RSS Atom feed with Phoenix LiveView

On this website, I do have some content and I plan to write some more. I feel that it is time to add an RSS/Atom feed to the posts I have. I think t..

Published 23 May - 2020

Delete unused node_module folders

Tired of all node_modules folders taking up gigabytes of hard drive space? Did you know theres is a command to find and delete them? If you are lik..

Published 23 May - 2020

Use javascript fetch to post to a Phoenix controller

As in the case with Rails, Phoenix also has protection against cross site request forgery (crfs). If you want to post to a controller from a javascr..