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Published 20 May - 2023

Handling Amount Fields in a Phoenix Application with Ecto Custom Types

In this tutorial, we will discuss a common problem faced in Elixir applications related to handling and storing formatted amount fields in a databas..

Published 02 Mar - 2023
Phoenix 1.7

Automatic convertion to verified routes

One of the nicest features in the new Phoenix 1.7 is the verified routes. Instead of the previous auto generated route-function, there is a p-sigil ..

Published 17 Feb - 2023

Run one off tasks in Phoenix

If you run a web application with users in production, you have surely had the need to run a task that changes the database for one or more users. T..

Published 25 Nov - 2022
Updated 29 Nov - 2022
Phoenix 1.7

Sortable lists with Phoenix LiveView and SortableJS

A very common user interface pattern on the web is to have sortable elements. In this tutorial I will go through how to accomplish sortable lists wi..

Published 24 Nov - 2022

Send Tailwind styled Emails with Phoenix and Swoosh

This tutorial came up as a way to style an email sendout with Tailwind classes.The reason I want to do this is that styling emails is a pain and I u..

Published 26 Sep - 2022

Tailwind Navbar New LiveView 0.18 components

With the latest Phoenix LiveView 0.18 release it has finally become time to revisit components. In the previous version, the components was a little..

Published 03 Sep - 2022
Updated 27 Sep - 2022

Implement HTML redirects with phoenix plug

In this tutorial, I will go through how you can add html redirects to your Phoenix application. The goal is to have a CRUD interface in my admin whe..

Published 06 May - 2022

Teams Feature with Phx.Gen.Auth

A very common feature in web applications, especially SAAS applications are the concept of teams where a user can have and belong to multiple teams...

Published 02 May - 2022

LiveView and page specific javascript

In most applications you have some page specific javascript that is only used in one or just a few pages. The solution for this is to either setup..

Published 12 Feb - 2022

CSV Export with Phoenix and LiveView

A common need in web apps is to export data to different file formats. One common, or even maybe the most common format, is exporting CSV files. CSV..