Workshops / online training

Learn web development in Phoenix and LiveView in a ~5 hour online workshop!

Price $ 79 /seat

Use the form to send me information what you are interested to learn and I will reach out to you and we can agree on suitable a time.

The tutorials are suitable for existing web developers that want to get started with web development in Phoenix Framework. You might come from a Rails, Laravel or Javascript background.

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Workshop one

Starting Phoenix for Web Devs

This is a course for you who are coming from a web development background and wan't to get started with Phoenix framework.

The main goal is to make you be able to start and launch your next project with it.

Generating a scaffold
Routes and Plugs
Quering the database with Ecto
Validations with Changesets
Database Relations
User Authentication
Email Sendouts And Previews
File Uploads
Channels And Websockets
Asyncrounus Tasks
Introduction to LiveView
Workshop two

Build a LiveView Trello clone

If you already know or are familiar with Phoenix Framework and want to get started with Phoenix LiveView.

The content of this workshop is to build a rich user interface in Phoenix LiveView with almost no javascript at all.