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Published 24 Nov - 2022

Send Tailwind styled Emails with Phoenix and Swoosh

This tutorial came up as a way to style an email sendout with Tailwind classes.The reason I want to do this is that styling emails is a pain and I u..

Published 04 May - 2021
Updated 05 May - 2022

How to combine Phoenix LiveView with Alpine.js

No matter how great Phoenix LiveView is, there is still some use case for sprinking some JS in your app to improve UX. For example, tabs, dropdowns,..

Published 11 Jul - 2020
Updated 22 May - 2021

Create a reusable modal with LiveView Component

To reduce duplicity and complexity in your apps, Phoenix LiveView comes with the possibility to use reusable components. Each component can have its..

Published 13 Feb - 2020
Updated 01 May - 2020

Tagging interface with Phoenix LiveView and Tailwind - Tagging part 2

In the previous tutorial, I set up the the backend for being able to add tags to products. I have also written a tutorial about adding a LiveView an..

Published 01 Feb - 2020
Updated 01 May - 2020

Create a Bootstrap Like Modal with Tailwind and Alpine.js

In certain scenarios, it doesnt really make sense to use LiveView. That can be toggling dropdowns, tabs, accordions and opening modals. There is a g..

Published 27 Jan - 2020
Updated 01 May - 2020

Typeahead with LiveView and Tailwind

In this tutorial I want to show how easy it is to do an autocomplete or typeahead without any additional javascript!

Published 22 Jan - 2020
Updated 04 Feb - 2022

Add Tailwind HTML Generators in Phoenix

Let's say that you have a project set up with Tailwind. Or even if you dont, let say you just want to customise the code build in HTML generators ge..

Published 21 Jan - 2020
Updated 04 May - 2022

Get started with Tailwind in Phoenix

A new Phoenix app is generated with a minimal css framework and some default styles. However, my favourite CSS framework are Tailwind. So in this to..